Children's ministry at Woodlawn Church is all about Growing Young Disciples That Stick!  Our programs are designed to include elements that are necessary for discipleship. Worship and Bible teaching that leads us to encounter God; fellowship and accountablility with one another to grow us in Christ; and service and evangelism opportunities to reach out to those around us are all included in our ministry. All this takes place in a safe and fun environment. All teachers and assistants on the Crew (children's ministry team) are background checked, go though reference checks and an interview process. We have fun elaborate sets and themes and love the element of suprise!


What to expect on Sunday



All elementary children (1st through 6th grade) are checked in using an electronic system before service starts. Volunteers are there to assist, especially our guests. The information to have handy is any allergy information, medical information, and special instructions. We also like to get a picture for added security. The parent will receive 2 receipts and a name tag for each child. One receipt is given when the child is dropped off (our rooms open 20 minutes before service) and the other is kept till after service. Those that arrive early can play games and get to know one another under the supervision of our Crew until service begins.


Typical Service

The main goal of our Sunday service is that each child meets with God. A typical service includes games, worship, a Bible message with life application, skits and puppets, and a time of prayer. We also often break up into small groups of similar ages where the kids take part in activities that enhance the message. On most 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month we have a group called FLYTE for those in 5th and 6th grade that meet for their own special group.



We have 4 rules. Respect God – Respect God's House – Respect Others – and Have Fun. There are also 4 steps in our discipline procedure. 1) a verbal warning is given, 2) the child is moved to anothert seat, 3) the child is told his/her parent will be informed at end of service, and finally, 4) the parent is called out of service. Each week one boy and one girl are chosen as the disciple of the day for great behavior and acting like Jesus. They receive a small gift at the end of the service.



At the end of service when you pick your child/children bring your 2nd receipt to the Crew member at the table. They will call your child/children's names and they will meet you at the back of the room (we must have special permission from you to release them to anyone else and have it in our database system!) You will be able to see what goes on, pick up any take home sheets and any flyers, as well as chat with the Children's Pastor or members of the Crew on your way out.


Wednesday Nights (September 14th- October 12th)

Leadership Class 6:30-7:30pm

Children 1st-6th grade that are interested in growing in leadership and especially those that would like to serve are invited to attend. We will meet together in Kydz church.